Complete refractory packages


We apply refractory linings to all types of furnaces and heating plant, in all major industries. Our strength is our ability to offer complete refractory packages, from design and engineering, through selection and procurement of materials, to installation, commissioning, and maintenance, and including demolition.

Our highly skilled craftsmen are experienced in working with all types of materials, including bricklaying, gunning, casting, ramming, hand packing, pumping and applying fibrous products in slab, blanket and modular forms. Being at the forefront of refractory engineering, our quality control, quality assurance and health and safety are fundamental to our continued success and long-standing reputation.

We operate a precast dry-out shop for specialist shaping, which involves a thermal drying process.  Our drying and firing capability operates at up to 900°C, thanks to our high-velocity burners and electrical heating element systems.