CHI is a supplier of technical and technological solutions for HVAC, fire extinguishing systems, in-house water supply, gas supply and sewerage systems, electrical systems and control systems of the above subsystems, as well as power systems, low-current systems and control systems.
The main objectives of CHI are the design, installation and commissioning of energy-efficient and technical systems for projects under implementation.
CHI, which provides services ranging from the design phase to the preventive maintenance phase, is engaged in the design and installation of an electrical system and a control system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, sanitary systems and fire extinguishing in order to serve as a provider of absolute solutions for implementation tasks turn-key projects for their customers.
Designing and supplying energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems, carrying out operations in accordance with international health and safety regulations, economical use of any kind of resources, as well as using the latest technologies as much as possible are the Principles of CHI.