CHI provides a Skilled Manpower Labor to the Oil & Gas industry, for upstream, midstream and downstream Projects and Operations, on a short or long-term basis. Their highly qualified professionals and skilled labors can support the best top, middle and lower level workforce.

CHI, identifies the manpower requirements, in line with their customers’ needs, utilizing appropriate screening and matching methods to ensure that only suitably qualified personnel are recommended, in a timely fashion. They bring together the sourcers with oil and gas Companies who are in search of forwarding their operations, with a productive future in mind.

With dependability and the suitability of Skilled Manpower Supply being key to operational continuity, CHI is a reliable partner, that customers can rely on to respond to their needs and to deliver a quality service.

Throughout the period, during which CHI’ staff works on customers’ operations, a full transfer of knowledge takes place, to local staff.

By utilizing their skilled manpower supply to tackle their customers’ ongoing and short-notice proficiency gaps, they provide assurance, that world-class knowledge and highly skilled labor, is enhancing the oil and gas industry.