CHI has projects on different facilities. Working on different projects that have strict deadlines badly affect safety. Ensuring safety and wellbeing of our workforce is CHI’s highest priority. Everyone in the company, especially HSE Department making every effort in achieving it.


In our company we adopted 10 HSE golden rules. And everyone in the company must follow it.

One way of involving all personnel and improving our safety culture. Company has implemented Hazard Hunt Program. Hazard Hunt Program given to analyze unsafe conditions and unsafe situations on the workplace. All CHI employees are reporting unsafe conditions and unsafe situations by Safety Based Behavior Observation and Reporting Card (SBBO&R). At the of every month, CHI Senior Management are choosing 5 winners cards and make rewarding ceremony.


Another program of HSE Department is HSE Personal Commitment Program. At the beginning of the year director, senior management, middle management, engineering/technical and administrative staff takes personal commitment to improve safety/safety culture of our company though task/goals he/she sets up. At the end of the year each participant of PCP is to report on their results with analysis to the management.


Programs result in high safety culture of our company. 2 recorded achievements of 1 million Man-Hours without Lost Time Injury on 2 different projects: Ersai (Aktau) and GATE (FGP) are perfect examples.