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Awarding according to the “Altyn Zhuldyz” program

On May 3, the following employees were awarded for the excellent performance of the “Altyn Zhuldyz” program:

Velesstroy ISP 3GI Project  

Insulation and painting departments.

Below is a list of people who have successfully passed the test.

  1. Ibrai Ruslan 15255305 
  2. Yeleusinov Roman 16394788 
  3. Ihsanov Medet16417100 
  4. Ibraev Nurpeis 15007635 
  5. Satangaliev Azamat 16416967 
  6. Yertaev Nurgali 10513176 
  7. Nametkulov Adilbek 14992565 
  8. Magzomov Mendigali 15616713 
  9. Zhangaliev Erbol 16031389 
  10. Salmanov Minur 14992531 
  11. Aliev Nauryzbek 15616633 

We wish our employees success, new achievements and achievements.

And the most important thing is to return home to families without accidents and injuries.

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Occupational safety and health for 6 months of 2023

For 6 months of 2023, the level of occupational injuries (accident rate per 1000 employees) was 0.09.

A high level of injuries persists in the industrial regions of the country. Thus, 79 people were injured in the Karaganda region, 53 in East Kazakhstan, 50 in the Abai region, 44 in Kostanay, 46 in Pavlodar, 40 in Aktobe, 50 in Almaty.

In the context of economic sectors, the largest number of victims is noted at the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex - 21.8% and in the construction industry – 10.6%.

The main reasons that led to accidents were: gross negligence of the victim himself (33.3%); unsatisfactory organization of work (27.1%); violation of safety and labor protection rules (9.3%); violation of road traffic rules (8.4%);

In order to prevent and prevent violations, 3211 enterprises of the country have implemented safety and labor protection standards.

Also, together with the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, a socially important project "People's Control" is being implemented, which provides for the involvement of persons with disabilities as "people's controllers". To date, 252 enterprises of the republic have joined the project, where internal control is carried out by more than 600 employees.

Since 2019, the Ministry has been actively working to promote the Concept of "Zero Injuries – Vision Zero". To date, 440 enterprises have joined it.

In addition, the electronic service "Online Labor Consultant" has been launched, which provides remote interaction with employees and employers to improve the effectiveness of compliance with labor legislation. The service provides for the employer to pass a self-check of compliance with labor protection requirements. Since the launch of the service, 23,420 employers have used it.

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